QuoteIT : a great idea for NZ business

I recently subscribed to the QuoteIT service, to test how many people would use the web to get quotes for service

The concept behind QuoteIT is really simple, allow businesses to register on the website for $50 +GST. The registration allows the company to select which business categories they belong to.

In the case of SPHILO, I selected “graphic desgin, web design, Internet marketing, email marketing, strategy and a few other terms”.

In the past 8 weeks the QuoteIT system has delivered over 25 leads, of which 10 have been good quality. In addition to this, the system allows the user to directly make contact witth the customer via email. This means that a quote request can be recieved, responded to and accepted within a matter of minutes – without the need for phone call!

What this really means though is that the Internet has definitely come of age in New Zealand. With over a million people subscribed at one point or another through Trade Me, we can now be confident that B2B transactions over the web are here to stay.


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