10 things I like about Twitter

I have been using Twitter for the last 2 months – you can follow me on http://twitter.com/peeyooshchandra.

I initially started looking at Twitter for a project I was proposing to a large tech company. Along the way I had discovered that there were approximately 1600 NZ’ers on Twitter and that it was a relatively active community.

As I did my research I realised that I was majorly missing out on interacting with people that shared my interests and more importantly were pushing the boundaries.

I joined Twitter and started following people who shared my interest, or were geographically close to me. Along the way I have met some wonderful people.

I also got to the point where I wanted to access Twitter on my mobile phone as I travelled between Sydney and Auckland. I installed a couple of clients but have settled on Fring because it integrates Twitter and MSN – meaning I have the best of both worlds.

And that led me to compile my list of things I like about Twitter.

  1. It is real-time access to information
  2. It never stops
  3. I get the most up to date information in my field – as it happens
  4. I am able to share my thoughts and status with people – ignoring geographical boundaries
  5. It is asynchronous, which means ppl respond as and when they can
  6. It gets richer by the day based on the number of people who are joining it every day
  7. It is really easy to use
  8. There are a number of desktop applications that make it even easier to use
  9. It is fantastic for keeping up with presentations at conferences (while you’re there or participating via Twitter)
  10. Stephen Fry is a regular on Twitter!

If you are in NZ, please add yourself to the KiwiTweets wiki setup by iJump

And finally a way to keep up to date on what is being said in NZ – a real time twitter feed for NZ.


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