Direct Response Radio to Internet advertising – does it work?

I was driving along today and got stuck in traffic. Getting stuck in traffic is very rare as I don’t drive around all that much.

I decided to turn on the radio to listen to traffic reports. The first thing that hit me was an ad-break advertising a number of products and services. Apparently it is true, you can automatically tune them out.

But then I heard something very interesting .. or rather I didn’t.

I was expecting to hear a call to action like, call this 0800 number now. Instead, the ads’ sole call to action was visit a website.

They repeated the web address three times, and I thought I had remembered it.

Got to my desk to type it in, and experienced a blank.

Next step, do a Google search, but now I couldn’t remember the name of the company and so I couldn’t remember what to search for!

So why would you spend all that money making an ad, putting it on the radio and then having me forget ?

Well a couple of things struck me :

  1. It was smart to drive all the traffic to a website as it means there is no extra expense of having a telephone centre to respond to the calls
  2. There was a wasted opportunity by not reminding listeners that they could search for the product if they forgot the web address
  3. Radio is a great direct response (DR) generator, but you have to allow the consumer to react to it immediately otherwise they will forget.

This got me to thinking about how I would have changed the ad to make it more effective.

My solution, get them to TXT a number in response to the ad and allow the advertiser to make a call back. There are three key benefits to this approach:

  • Interested consumers can act on the ad instantly
  • The TXT engine will send them a TXT back thanking them for their interest and giving them the web address in the message
  • The lead can be actively followed up with a phone call.

[insert clever flow diagram when I get graphics package]

For a small business owner this is a perfect solution for lead generation and management.

OK so it might increase the cost by requiring a follow up, but it will be more effective in the long run.


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