Great Google – World Bank mash up

As I was doing a research for my “Are we in a recession” post, I came across this great little utility from the World Bank.

They have mashed up their geo-data with Google maps to show users how to do business in different marketplaces.

Have a look

It really brings their information to life, for example I did a search to see which country was the easiest to “Get credit” in .. doh!

Really illustrates the point.

In addition to this, they also have another mash-up that shows the work that they are doing around the globe –



The feature I liked best was being able to pull up snapshot data by clicking on a country. The information is a little out of date (from 2006) but now that they have the structure, keeping it up to date should not be such a big deal I hope.

Update :

Actually the information is of varying age. When selecting more information relating to “Getting Credit”, it took me to this site which has information on the NZ credit market from 2008.



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