Why do you use Twitter? – interviews on Tweetabix

Two days ago I got a Twitter notification that holeinhiseye was following me on Twitter. The person behind holeinhiseye is Richard Mckay, a director of a flooring company and an entrepreneur soon to launch property social network called Zungalow.

Checking his profile, I also noticed another website called Tweetabix. From the website :



“Tweetabix is about people who Twitter. A ‘tweet’ is a post or status update by anyone in the Twitter community. Tweetabix interviews Twitter users as to how they use Twitter be it for fun, community or business.”

There are a number of interviews on the website, from people of all walks of life. When reading through the interviews, you can’t help but notice just how mainstream Twitter really is, and more importantly the many ways in which people are using them to connect for business and entertainment.

The primary reason for using Twitter appears to be an even handed mix of personal and business. Most people cite the ability to stay in contact with experts and news in their particular field or geography as the single biggest benefit of participating in Twitter. In many cases, the ability to interact with them in real-time comes out quite clearly. Finally the effort of having to communicate in less then 140 characters a good exercise.

Take a look when you get a chance, I highly recommend it. And if you can, fill out the interview as well.

UPDATE : schwarzenegger twitter account now has 5,825 followers !

A chart from twittercounter shows only 4,438 followers, and must be using data that is 24 hours old.



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  1. Thanks for the above mention. Nice to know people reading Tweetabix.com – btw always looking to feature fellow Twitterers – so if you fancy getting involved please get in touch.



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