IA web trends map – information flows in SM


A great little utility from Information Architects Japan showing how people interact with social media to find, catalogue, share and distribute content. It is done in flash and can be clicked on to discover the website.

The organisation of the map is very logical, and I was quite impressed by the placement of Twitter as a hub connection point in the map, right next to Google. It actually caused me to reflect on the change in my browsing and search patterns after the introduction of Twitter into my daily routine.

Before Twitter I read blogs and waited for emails. Now that I am connecting with experts and like-minded individuals, my Twitter feed has become the best source of really well qualified information for me. I still rely on search and my regular blog feeds, but Twitter has definitely become my primary source of news for my profession.

Oh, and I also liked the little Google line of applications all on its own – nice touch!


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