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Bargains on Twitter – every Friday

Been working on a project to see how retailers are using the Internet to promote their sales.

A quick scan via Raven shows that activity seems to pick up on Friday.




A more detailed analysis shows that retailers have been experimenting with offers over different dates and times. I am sure there is some level of category specific behaviour at play here as well, but in the main the volume of bargain offers increases on a Friday after lunch-time.

What does this say about office productivity after the Friday lunch ? 🙂


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How things go viral


Was looking for examples of how ideas become contagious and propogate amongst strangers, and then I came across this. Nothing illustrates the spreadable idea better than this amazing video clip.

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The daily influence – Ogilvy’s social media nerve center



Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence practice released this site that allows industry practitioners to stay up to date on information and trends in social media. After 1 week of use, it is full of good insights, trends and practical examples. Highly recommended to all who want to stay up to date with thinking on social media for global brands.

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Queenstown Police use Facebook to arrest burglar



Recently the Queenstown Police’s investment in social networking paid off. A burgler stole some goods on 12 Jan 2009, his picture from security camera footage was uploaded to Facebook and he was arrested the next day.


Click here to read the Police’s official post thanking people who helped them. Also notice the timestamp on the post (4:21pm).

The implications of this event are quite significant. For a start, it is quite clear that government agencies are really beginning to tap into social media and are actively using it.

There are also loss of privacy implications, and we will now see the emergence of private personal networks.

Article on All Facebook providing more detailed analysis.

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Causality in Social Media

Some timely thinking from Sean’s Idea Kitchen on the the timeliness and longevity of content and attention in Social media.



This makes some excellent points:

  1. Twitter is right now
  2. Social Sites have a little more stickness to them when it comes to events
  3. Email is queued naturally, but doesn’t need your attention right now
  4. Forums have longevity which can be searched or deal with issuses in the happening right now
  5. Blogs have the ability to address the “now” as well as act as a great resource

For the full post click here.

With this, the position of websites, micro-sites and general advertising campaigns must also be considered.

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IA web trends map – information flows in SM


A great little utility from Information Architects Japan showing how people interact with social media to find, catalogue, share and distribute content. It is done in flash and can be clicked on to discover the website.

The organisation of the map is very logical, and I was quite impressed by the placement of Twitter as a hub connection point in the map, right next to Google. It actually caused me to reflect on the change in my browsing and search patterns after the introduction of Twitter into my daily routine.

Before Twitter I read blogs and waited for emails. Now that I am connecting with experts and like-minded individuals, my Twitter feed has become the best source of really well qualified information for me. I still rely on search and my regular blog feeds, but Twitter has definitely become my primary source of news for my profession.

Oh, and I also liked the little Google line of applications all on its own – nice touch!

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Direct Response Radio to Internet advertising – does it work?

I was driving along today and got stuck in traffic. Getting stuck in traffic is very rare as I don’t drive around all that much.

I decided to turn on the radio to listen to traffic reports. The first thing that hit me was an ad-break advertising a number of products and services. Apparently it is true, you can automatically tune them out.

But then I heard something very interesting .. or rather I didn’t.

I was expecting to hear a call to action like, call this 0800 number now. Instead, the ads’ sole call to action was visit a website.

They repeated the web address three times, and I thought I had remembered it.

Got to my desk to type it in, and experienced a blank.

Next step, do a Google search, but now I couldn’t remember the name of the company and so I couldn’t remember what to search for!

So why would you spend all that money making an ad, putting it on the radio and then having me forget ?

Well a couple of things struck me :

  1. It was smart to drive all the traffic to a website as it means there is no extra expense of having a telephone centre to respond to the calls
  2. There was a wasted opportunity by not reminding listeners that they could search for the product if they forgot the web address
  3. Radio is a great direct response (DR) generator, but you have to allow the consumer to react to it immediately otherwise they will forget.

This got me to thinking about how I would have changed the ad to make it more effective.

My solution, get them to TXT a number in response to the ad and allow the advertiser to make a call back. There are three key benefits to this approach:

  • Interested consumers can act on the ad instantly
  • The TXT engine will send them a TXT back thanking them for their interest and giving them the web address in the message
  • The lead can be actively followed up with a phone call.

[insert clever flow diagram when I get graphics package]

For a small business owner this is a perfect solution for lead generation and management.

OK so it might increase the cost by requiring a follow up, but it will be more effective in the long run.

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