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The daily influence – Ogilvy’s social media nerve center



Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence practice released this site that allows industry practitioners to stay up to date on information and trends in social media. After 1 week of use, it is full of good insights, trends and practical examples. Highly recommended to all who want to stay up to date with thinking on social media for global brands.


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Queenstown Police use Facebook to arrest burglar



Recently the Queenstown Police’s investment in social networking paid off. A burgler stole some goods on 12 Jan 2009, his picture from security camera footage was uploaded to Facebook and he was arrested the next day.


Click here to read the Police’s official post thanking people who helped them. Also notice the timestamp on the post (4:21pm).

The implications of this event are quite significant. For a start, it is quite clear that government agencies are really beginning to tap into social media and are actively using it.

There are also loss of privacy implications, and we will now see the emergence of private personal networks.

Article on All Facebook providing more detailed analysis.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger now on Twitter

You know you have arrived when the Gubinator signs-up!



The real power of Twitter is that you can connect to people you want to follow directly.

Update : In the space of one hour, this Twitter account has now accumulated another 1,200 followers!

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